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So you have decided you want to see a therapist.  That takes great courage. Did you know how courageous you really are?  Just the very fact you have come to that awareness means you are “light years” ahead of most people.  Give yourself a pat on the back.  Deciding you want to make changes also means you are ahead of most people.  Some say that Albert Einstein was the first to say the following: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.  There have been countless versions of the same sentiment, however, you have already come to this conclusion or you would not be reading this.

You are tired of being tired, annoyed about being annoyed, and ready for change. Perhaps you have tried everything you know to try.  Perhaps you have already asked everyone you know to ask.  Perhaps you have worn out family and friends, co-workers and clergy.   You have come to the conclusion you need to talk to someone who is an outside source. Fantastic.  Again, you are light years ahead of most people.

Change can be scary, you know.  Yes, very scary.  However, you know you don’t like the way things are.  You want change.  Be aware that the people around you may not like the changes you make.  Turmoil may arise out of your desired change.  Other people may not like the change and choices you make.  Nevertheless, quality of life is important also.  Really it all boils down to three choices.

Three choices doesn’t sound too hard, does it? So here we go…what are your three choices?   Keep things the same, make things worse, or make things better.

  •  Keep things the same.   But you have already come to the conclusion you do not want more of the “same”.. So keeping thing the same does not seem right.
  • Make things worse.  That is easy to do…do nothing. Forget the phone call, forget making the appointment, then forget to show up to the appointment.

Your last choice:

  • Make things better.  If you have come this far and reading this, this is the only reasonable choice. Isn’t it? I actually place you on an Einstein mentality.  Instead of more of the same you are ready for change.  You want improvement.

You are overcoming your fears by initiating the thought of going to a therapist.  Continue to read and we will talk about various aspects to consider when selecting a therapist.  This is a 6 part series. We will consider ethics, education, licenses, costs, and other aspect of what counseling entails.


(This blog is not intended to replace therapy

but for educational purposes only.)